Match of the Month – January 2022

You’ve seen our Little of the Month.  Now, as part of our celebration of National Volunteer Month in January, we introduce our newest monthly feature…the Match of the Month!  For our first Match of the Month, we introduce you to Little Brother Rusty and Big Brother Dudley.

The January 2022 Match of the Month goes to a match that has created a long-lasting friendship and this month that is LB Rusty and BB Dudley. LB Rusty and BB Dudley have been matched since December 2019 and their match has continued to thrive and grow over the past two years. They enjoy doing many different activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and going to the gym together. They often spend time working on academics and homework too. Dudley continues to be a supportive adult in Rusty’s life and pushes him to identify and reach his goals. Rusty shared that he is thankful to have someone like Dudley in his life who he can trust and talk to about anything. All parties of the match have mentioned that they believe the match relationship has been beneficial for everyone involved.