Little of the Month – January 2023

Before we end our celebration of National Mentoring Month, let’s take a look at our January 2023 COUL Little the Month.  Why, you may ask?  Well, because it is for Littles like this that we need more Defenders of Potential — and it is for his fellow Littles, who have been lucky enough to get matched, that we celebrate the One-To-One Bigs we do have; and we celebrate our COUL Bigs who act as mentors to those in our Club Of Unmatched Littles program.  We thank all of our mentors for your time with our Littles!

So with that said, we introduce you to Little Brother Anjewl — our January 2023 COUL Little of the Month.  LB Anjewl is a 13-year-old from Reading who wants to be a lawyer or judge when he grows up…maybe even President.  He enjoys being active and likes sports, history, and science.  And apparently, he likes those Eagles!

LB Anjewl would benefit greatly from having a positive, out-going role model in his life to stand with him to defend his potential. He is looking for someone to spend one-on-one time with him; someone who will encourage his interests and inspire his potential; someone he can trust & rely on; someone who will listen when he wants to talk.

Are you that someone who can stand by LB Anjewl or any of our other waiting Littles?  To find out more about our programs and what it means to be a Big, call (610) 373-5544.