COUL Little of the Month – March 2022

Meet Little Alaina, our March 2022 Little of the Month! Little Alaina is a 15-year-old in Reading who wants to be a lawyer when she grows up.  She would benefit greatly from having a positive, out-going role model in her life to stand with her to defend her potential.

Little Alaina enjoys knitting and loves animals, particularly her cats Leo and Puff. Some of her other interests are drawing, swimming, and occasionally playing basketball. She wants a Big who is fun to be with and likes doing different things.  Little Alaina is looking for someone to spend one-on-one time with her.  She wants someone who will encourage her interests and inspire her potential; someone they can trust & rely on; someone who will listen when she wants to talk.

TOGETHER, WE ARE DEFENDERS OF POTENTIAL!  Are you willing to stand with us to defend the potential of Little Alaina or any of our waiting Littles?

For more information on becoming a Big, call the agency at (610) 373-5544 or visit our website at