About Us

With our 40+ years of experience here in Berks County and Big Brothers Big Sisters 100+ years of experience across the country, the programs above translate into positive impacts in the lives of our Little Brothers and Little Sisters.

We strive to foster positive and measurable growth for at-risk youth including a strengthened sense of self-worth;development of character; and improved relationships & performance at home, in school, and throughout the community.  We achieve our goals through four (4) mentoring programs utilizing carefully-screened and trained volunteers.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Berks County, PA, serves children ages 8- to 19-years-of-age.  Applications for new Little Brothers or Little Sisters are accepted up to and including age 15.

For volunteers of Big Brothers or Big Sisters…flexibility is the key!  They can choose between our various mentoring programs based upon the time they have available to volunteer, their location, their experience, etc.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Berks County, PA, achieves its mission through professionally-directed mentoring programs utilizing carefully screened and trained volunteers.  We currently have four (4) mentoring programs…providing approximately 15,000 mentoring service hours to hundreds of youth each year.