The Challenge

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is the traditional start to the Summer season.  While things may be a little different this year, we still have a chance to kick-off the season — while honoring our fallen military heroes.  And that is where our BBBS of Berks Weekly Challenge comes in!

Personally, I celebrate the lives of two fallen heroes:  my Dad (a Korean War vet) and my brother Michael, both of which served this country with honor and loyalty.  Do you know someone who served and is no longer with us?  You can post their picture here.

However you are celebrating Memorial Day and however you honor the fallen, let’s see it!  Doing a cookout at home…take a picture and let’s see what the menu looks like.  Putting up some patriotic decorations, let’s see what they look like.

Whatever you like to do, let’s see it!  Take a picture and send it in to or post it on our Facebook page. Above all though, HAVE SOME FUN