New Match!

Congratulations, Little Brother Kamari and Big Brother Richard — our newest One-To-One match!

LB Kamari and BB Richard were matched a couple of weeks ago, and this isn’t the first go-round for BB Richard — a business professor at Albright University — who was a Big Brother 33 years ago in Philadelphia.  BB Richard says he still has a great connection with his former Little Brother, even serving as best man in his former LB’s wedding — and now, BB Richard says he is ready to help other Littles that have gone through difficult times in life.  LB Kamari’s mom was looking for a Big who can motivate him and encourage him to try new things in life — and so, a new relationship begins.  I am sure LB Kamari and BB Richard will enjoy some great times together, as their mentoring relationship develops.  Thank you, BB Richard, for inspiring LB Kamari’s great potential!

We are not only celebrating this new match…September is Big Brothers Big Sisters Month and this year’s theme is “It Takes A Village”!  The theme recognizes that it takes all of us to empower young people with access and opportunity to achieve their full potential — especially as we try emerge but still contend with isolation brought on by COVID, as mentioned by our BBBSA President Artis Stevens in a recent OpEd piece.   “…no one organization, family, adult or child can take on these big challenges facing our kids alone. It means embracing both the strengths and gaps we bring into a child’s life and most importantly, identifying, and welcoming partners who can help fill these needs and create opportunities to support kids.  One of the most powerful outcomes of this extended period of isolation was an unprecedented showing of connectivity of services, resources and ideas to match need, opportunity and solutions more effectively.”

Artis noted that the village impact starts with one person willing to make a difference:  “As the CEO of the largest youth mentoring organization in the country I am often asked by people I meet “what can I do to make a difference, I’m just one person?” My response is that you have the ability to change a life, all it takes is one person who cares. Today, one in three kids in our country are growing up without a mentor to provide support and positive reinforcement. This past year alone, 20% of the young people we serve reported losing contact with an important adult in their life. There is a relationship deficit growing across too many communities and it demands time and talents to help reverse these alarming trends.”

Yes, YOU can make a difference by standing up to defend the potential in our Littles.  Call BBBS of Berks at (610) 373-5544 to find out how.