Match of the Month – February 2022

We are excited to introduce you to February’s match of the month, Little Kaleb and Big Kyleigh. Kaleb and Kyleigh are one of our school-based matches from our Students and Mentors Achieving Results Together (SMART) program at the Oley Valley Elementary site. Kaleb is new to the program this year, while Kyleigh has served as a Big since the 2019-20 school year.

Little Kaleb and Big Kyleigh have been matched since early November. They have built a strong bond, consistently attending the program and working together each week since SMART resumed in October. While at SMART, the Little and Big do homework, talk, and play games. Kyleigh says that Kaleb is very smart, and he is always determined to finish his homework. She likes that they have fun and laugh a lot during their time together. Kaleb enjoys the company of his Big because he says she is nice. Kaleb’s favorite activities to participate in along with Kyleigh are games, particularly Four Corners. Kyleigh’s favorite activity she’s participated in so far with her Little was making Christmas ornaments. This pair is definitely a dynamic duo, and we know Big Kyleigh will keep up the good work continuing to ignite the potential in her Little, Kaleb.