Match of the Month – April 2022

Did you ever wonder who benefits from our annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake?  That’s easy to answer…just look at our April 2022 Match of the MonthLittle Sister Anjella and Big Sister Josie have the honor of being our longest running match for our SMART program at Conrad Weiser School District.  BS Josie will be graduating this year, but she’s been matched since 9th grade and matched with LS Anjella since December 2018.  The pandemic caused a brief hiatus, so BS Josie and LS Anjella were eager to get back together — and as soon as SMART was back at Conrad Weiser, they match picked up right where they left off.

After BS Josie helps LS Anjella finish her homework, the match often colors or works on a puzzle together.  Some of their favorite memories together include playing kickball, Heads Up Seven Up, and bingo.  LS Anjella looks up to BS Josie and loves that she can trust her Big with anything.  LS Anjella also shared that she’s happy that BS Josie has been her Big for so many years.  BS Josie often talks about how much she loves being able to watch LS Anjella grow up over the past few years.  BS Josie adores Anjella’s energy and spirit, and looks forward to seeing her each week.

Congratulations, LS Anjella and BS Josie in being named the April 2022 Match of the Month!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Berks County provides our quality-driven mentoring programs FREE OF CHARGE to our Littles and their families — thanks to our dedicated volunteers like BS Josie, our partners like Conrad Weiser School District, and other supporters.

Our Corporate Sponsors and Littles Team Sponsors for the 40th Annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake stand besides our many supporters as Defenders of Potential in our Littles, and YOU can join them!  There is just over two weeks until Bowl For Kids’ Sake, but still plenty of time to form your BFKS team!  Call our agency at (610) 373-5544 to register a team or register on-line at