Little of the Month – June 2018

He may be wearing a baseball uniform in his picture, but Little Brother Nasir wants to be a professional basketball player in the NBA when he grows up.  LB Nasir — our Little of the Month for June 2018 — has been with our agency for two years now, but is still awaiting a One-To-One match.  Are you that Big Brother he’s been waiting for?

LB Nasir says he likes to play baseball as well as basketball, and says he like being outdoors.  He also likes listening to music.

LB Nasir would benefit greatly from having a positive, outgoing role model in his life.  He is looking for a Big Brother who is active, patient, and trustworthy.  A Big who could spend some one-on-one time with LB Nasir…someone who would encourage his interests…that’s someone who could make a tremendous positive impact in Nasir’s life!

YOU can make a difference in the life of a Little Sister or a Little Brother like Nasir!  Adult volunteers — men and women — are needed to be a friend and positive influence in the lives of our Littles, the large majority of which come from single-parent households.  You can be a Big in our COUL (Club Of Unmatched Littles) group mentoring program and spend a minimum of 12 hours a year with our kids…or be that One-To-One volunteer that many of our Littles need by committing an average of only 8-to-10 hours a month (minimum of four), but making a life-long impact.

Call the agency today to find out how you can help cultivate the potential of our Little Brothers and Little Sisters.