Good Luck to one of our newest matches!

Yesterday was a BIG day for BS Angie and LS Di’Amante!  They met face-to-face for the first time.


Congratulations to one of our newest matches!  Big Sister Angie and Little Sister Di’Amante had their virtual match meeting this week, and will start to build their relationship in today’s virtual world until they can begin meeting face-to-face.  They’ll spend the time learning about each other, talking about their days, experiencing the new and the old via the internet, and maybe planning some future activities when they meet face-to-face.

COVID-19 poses many challenges for all of us, which is why mentoring is so much more critical these days.  Many Berks County adults have recognized this and come forward to become Bigs, but we still need more.  We have Little Brothers and Little Sisters waiting to be matched.  LS Di’Amante now has BS Angie as her friend, but there is still LB Roman. LS Lillian, and over 40 more Littles on our waiting list.  Are you — like BS Angie — willing to stand with us and DEFEND POTENTIAL in the youth of Berks County?  Call the agency at (610) 373-5544 to find out how or go to our Become a Big page at