Customers Bank joined in as a Littles Team Sponsor

Our appreciation to Customers Bank, who recently joined in as a Littles Team Sponsor. Your company can also sponsor a team of Littles/Bigs to bowl at our 35th Annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake event. it’s only $300 for a full sponsorship and $150 as a co-sponsor.

It’s a great way to help even if you can’t join us for bowling…you can let a team of Little Brothers/Sisters and Bigs bowl for you. Call Jim Smith at 610-373-5544 to find out more.

And if you do want to bowl with us, FANTASTIC! Call to find out how you can form your team of 4-5 bowlers. Remember…it doesn’t matter if you are an avid bowler or a first-timer, because it’s not about bowling — it’s about HAVING FUN to HELP KIDS!