Alumni Bigs and Alumni Littles…we want to hear from you!

As we celebrate National Mentoring Month, we put a call out to our alumni Bigs — and our alumni Littles — let us know how things are going and what Big Brothers Big Sisters meant or means to you!  Email your HELLOs or your pictures or even a brief video greeting to Jim Smith at

We always enjoy hearing from people who have made an impact or were impacted by our quality-driven programs — people like former Big Brother Keith Stamm.  Keith — who serves as Director of Workforce Development for the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance — met up with Jim at this morning’s GRCA Berks County Commissioners Update breakfast.  Keith mentioned that he and his wife (a former Couples Match) still talk with their former Little, and anticipates meeting up with him in the near future (so we will hopefully have some pictures pending).

National Mentoring Month is a chance for us to celebrate the life-changing impact of our mentors like former BB Keith.  We thank all of our volunteer Bigs, current and former, who have defended the potential in our Littles!

Berks County adults (aged 19 and older) who want to learn how you can inspire potential can call (610) 373-5544 or go to