2022 United Way Campaign is underway in Berks County!

The United Way of Berks County kicked off its 2022 Campaign this morning at FirstEnergy Stadium — and some familiar faces were up on the podium.  Sidney Purnell (Vice-President of our Board of Directors) and Cassandra Weidner (one of our newest Board members) took to the podium this morning to talk about ELU (Emerging Leaders United).  Sidney (left) serves as the ELU Chair, while Cassandra (right) is ELU Vice-Chair.

The United Way has 33 partner agencies — including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Berks County, PA — and provides funding to more than 80 programs.  More than 150,000 Berks Countians receive services through the United Way and its partner agencies and other programs each year — including Little Brother Rusty and Big Brother Dudley.  LB Rusty and BB Dudley have been matched since December 2019.  They enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, going to the gym together, and working on academics and homework, too.  BB Dudley is a supportive adult in LB Rusty’s life and pushes him to identify and reach his goals.  LB Rusty shares, “I am thankful to have someone like Dudley in my life, someone I can trust and talk to about anything.”  Rusty’s mom Nicole adds, “Dudley has really come through {for Rusty}, and he’s been a very big influence.”

This year’s goal for the United Way Campaign is $10.5-million.  At this morning’s kick-off, they announced that the Campaign was off to a good start with more than $1,7-million raised already.  The United Way Campaign runs through November 16th.