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News Post

In order for a post to appear on the front page of the site, the news link, and on all social accounts, the post needs to be make using news.


Step 1 Find News in Menu, Hover and Select Add New

Step 2 Fill in information

All areas are important on this form including title, body, news categories and excerpt.

Title-All information needs to have a title. This helps the internet index and search the information. A must have.

Add Media-The next step will review how to add pictures.

News Categories-This helps divide the information into subjects. This is needed for our different event pages. Simply select the category your post refers to. If it’s not there and you want it, click add new news category.

Excerpt-This area helps you craft the text that is shown on social media and search engines. It’s a preview of what the post is about.

Save Draft-If you are not ready yet to publish, you can save your work with this button. WordPress autosaves progress while your logged in, but if your not publishing and leaving the site, hit save draft.

Preview-To preview the post on the user’s side.

Publish-To publish the post to the site. When you do, the post will theoretically auto post to the front of the site, the news page on the site, the agency Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.



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