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How to log in

  • How to log-in to www.bigsinberks.org
  • Type the following address into the browser address bar and click
  • https://dev-001.bigsinberks.org/wp-admin/
  • Fill in your username and password given to you by the website administrator
  • Once you click submit, you will be taken to the “back-end” of the website. This is the owner’s interface of the website. This area allows for you to add posts and make changes to personalize the site.
    • It will look similar to this:
  • To view the “front-end” of the website, which is the client’s interface of the website, hover over the following button:
  • Click Visit Page and you will be taken to the front end of your website:
    • It will look similar to this:
  • The solid black bar at the top allows for navigation to and from the “back-end” of your site. It also allows for quick editing

  • Hover over the site title and the little gauge to access you back-end dashboard. The other options are quick access pieces to portions that can be quickly edited: the themes of the website, the widgets utilized in the website, and the menus in the website.
  • The Customize button gives you direct access to edit colors, fonts, and the look of your website quickly.
  • The arrow wheel icon is the number of updates that are due on your site, the talking box icon is the amount of comments that have not been read on your site. 
  • The +New button is a quick access menu that allows you to add content to your website in various forms. This list will change based on the modules integrated into your specific site.
  • To the far right of the black bar, you will see “Howdy” and your name. Hover over this menu and you will be able to edit your wordpress profile, including your personal color preferences to navigate the site, your password, your information, and your profile picture.
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