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Adding an email address to Egavas Hosting Server

Add a new Email Address

  • Log into http://egavashosting.com/
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on Email in the Top menu
  • Select Mailboxes
  • Click Create New Email Account
  • A new box will pop up that says Add a Mailbox.
  • Enter the name of the email your looking to create in the email text entry box.
  • Be sure to select the correct domain (bigsinberks.org) after the @ symbol.
  • There are two options for password creation:

    • Generate password-Click this option if you would like the computer to generate the strongest password. Be sure to write it down!
    • Type your chosen password in the password entry box, be sure to re-type the same password in the next entry box.
  • Select forward if you wish for your email from this address to be forwarded to another email.
  • Enter the email address you wish to forward this email to.
  • Be sure to select Save a Copy if you would like to have a copy of the email saved inside this email address inbox. (recommended).
  • Select Auto-Reply box if you would like to have an automatic reply written for every email received by this email address.
  • The next drop down menu allows for you to select what size you will allow the email account to be limited to. The default setting for this size limit is 10GB.
  • Double check all your settings, make sure the correct domain bigsinberks.org is selected after the @ symbol.
  • Once everything is verified as correct, hit create.
  • As soon as the create is pressed, the box will disappear and the email address will be available at the bottom of the list.
  • Click on the address you just created and an informational box will pop-up.
    • This contains important address information you may need later to set up via your mail client (Outlook, Mail, Gmail, etc).
    • (Suggested Action: Select the text on this page and copy/paste to a new document in notepad to save for easy reference.

  • To access email immediately, or if the mail client is not able to be set up at the time of creation, click the roundcube logo.

    • This action will bring up a mail management interface that will allow you to create emails and read emails using the new email address.
      • This process is ideal to access emails from employees who may be on leave or have exited the agency.
      • Simply click on the email address of the person in the email list and follow the same procedures.

  • Once you feel comfortable, click logout at the top right corner.
  • The next step is to install the email address on the intended employee computer by installing via the mail client.



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